Benefits of Students' Involvement in the Assessment Process Essays

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The article discusses the benefits of having the students involved in the assessment process. With state testing and accreditation standards rising, assessment data is being used by teachers and administrators to help with lesson planning, school improvement plans, and student goal setting. The authors discussed the importance of getting the students to understand the assessment data and how it detailed the students’ progress as well as the schools. Each student was given a Student Data Portfolio at the beginning of the year. Each portfolio was in a three-ring binder and included the following information for the individual student: state and district assessment scores, graph paper to graph progress, learning goals the teacher sets along with a place for the student to write their own goal, and a reflection journal. The entire school had a class once a week for 32 weeks to discuss elements within the portfolio and how the students could benefit from the data. The information obtained through the classes gave the students’ knowledge to know how their grades and assessment scores impacted their future goals and academic success. Teachers surveyed the students to get the students personal reaction to the portfolios and with amazement, the survey showed most felt good about the process and stated it was useful for them to track their own progress. Not all felt that way but teachers and administrators stated they would continue to work with those particular students harder. This article was very informative to me because my school is under state review and I feel a large part of low state test scores is that the students are not held accountable for the scores. These portfolios will show them not only state scores but individual subject grades as well. This is an excellent resource for students and teachers to help monitor each child’s progress and to give the students ownership of his or her grades and test scores. The Association of Middle Level Education is a great organization with information for administrators, teacher, and other school leaders. The articles, books, and other links on the website gives school personnel resources quickly to help within a school setting and very beneficial to all.

Student Data Portfolio
Purpose: The students will see their past scores and help plan a course of action for the 2013-2014 school year. Teachers will use the portfolio to help track the students’ progress and develop remediation plans for the areas of weakness.

Procedure: The students will: 1. Be given a