Benefits Of The American Dream

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The American dream has powered the hopes and dreams of Americans for many generation. It all began as a plan a plan to pursue happiness and freedom. They all want to strive for a better life through hard work and a strong desire to do better for one self. The American dream is a privilege it’s all about making choices for your life. These choices can be made possible by working hard and accomplishing goals.
The American dream is a privilege. One privilege I find most important is the ability to attend school. In some countries children don not have the opportunity to get an education. These people can only attend for a limited amount of years. In America we have the privilege to enter pre-kindergarten all the way through high school. Education can be made possible
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The United States is the home of the free. Everyone wants to come to America for freedom and a better life. Immigrants around the world came to America in search for a better life an opportunity to feel free as an American. They all want a chance to be who they want to be. These people around the world are under a controlling government.
The American dream can be made possible by working hard and accomplishing goals. Sometimes other people that revolve you can be a great motivation by pushing you to your limit. It takes motivation to set up in the morning and follow your dreams. Our government allows us to choose who we want to be if we live more liberty or by a more controlled set of standards. These goals are meant for yourself to full fill your dreams in America.
In conclusion, the American dream is all about going to America to make an improvement in your life. It is a decision to go to America and make a name for yourself. This dream is for everybody that wants a better shot in life you would need motivation and dedication. The American dream is a life time opportunity for people around the world to have better