Benefits of Total Knee Replacements Essay

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Mr. Moncrieff
Benefits of Total Knee Replacements Having a ligament is replaced is something one may need to have time to considered but for instance there are many benefits of having total knee replacements. Anybody who suffers from chronic arthritis in the knee or knees are eligible for said procedure. The recovery time for such an immasive procedure can vary from a little less than a year to longer depending on the candidate. Having a total knee replacement is much beneficial to a candidate who in which suffers from chronic pain in the knees. Preparing for your knee replacement is a lengthy procedure. Once you have been diagnosed with arthritis and your rheumatologist can do nothing more for you in regards of your pain he or she will refer you to a surgeon in order for you to be a candidate for replacements. When you do find a surgeon to do the procedure you have to go through a list of pretesting from imaging of your knee or knees and blood work, which leads you one step closer to your operation. Your images of your ligaments are usually reviewed on the visit with you and discussion on wither they can operate or not is disused then. The doctor whom is also the surgeon will discuss the next steps which include getting a clearing from other doctors along with blood work to make sure everything is alright internally and you precede to schedule your date for procedure. After Surgery you will have to go through a very intense rehab time. On occasions within 24hrs of your surgery therapist from the hospital will come and visit you in your room and get you up and moving around to not only see how you manage on your feet with your new knee or knees and to also help with the swelling in your knees and they make the referral to get you in to the best facility that can help you. Once you are cleared to go to a set rehabilitation facility they the team of nurses, therapist physical and occupational and in-house doctors then also evaluate you to see just what it is that they need