Benefits of Video Games Essay

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Assignment: Newsletter Summary Organization: Technical Writing Review, Eng. 270 newsletter. READER(S)/AUDIENCE: Parents, Gamers, Children, Teachers Position in organization: Students, Staff Prior knowledge of this subject: Have played video games before Prior attitude toward this subject: Have a negative perspective toward video games Prior attitude toward me: Understand I am writing a professional document
Reasons for reading: Information about how video games affect people Probable response to this: Will read it; will not believe it; will ignore it WRITER/SENDER: English 270-701 Position: Staff Writer Purpose for writing: Inform the public about the truths of video games Tone wanted here: Informative CONTENT/MESSAGE Type of document: Newsletter Order of information: General and list Graphics needed/included: N/A My source of information: Article from “Game Informer” September 2013
Four ways that video games can actually be good for you
Video games get a bad rap because they are supposedly bad for you. There are numerous claims that video games can make you lazy or violent. This is the furthest from the truth and there is no evidence to support this. According to an article in the September 2013 issue of Game Informer it turns out video games can actually promote health in the following ways.
1. Slows the aging process. Playing video games just two hours a week slows the degree of mental decay that is associated with the aging process according to a study from the University of Iowa. Any game that is played that requires mental energy works as an exercise for the brain, in the same way you would work muscles by lifting weights.
2. Makes you smarter. Strategic games can help increase brain flexibility, which is seen by scientists as “a cornerstone of human intelligence”. A study