Benefits and Drivers Paper

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Benefits and Drivers Paper MGT/445 Organizational Negotiations March 24, 2013

Kudler Fine Foods is a food company that specializes in selling fresh grocery products with simple ingredients used to make gourmet meals. Nearly everything a customer could want would be found within Kudler Fine Foods. Currently Kudler Fine Foods operates from three locations each offering the same service. The company is a privately held, but seeks to offer stock publicly to increase capital. The increase in revenue will allow Kudler Fine Foods to pursue avenues of innovation that can increase profit margins and spark new growth. In this paper Team A will be exploring the internal and external driving factors that
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According to Kudler Fine Foods mission statement, they shop around the world for the finest products. Kudler’s management team goes through extensive lengths to ensure they have the best products for their customers who aspire to purchase the finest epicurean delights.
Innovation, Design, and Creative Thinking
There has been several years’ worth of Survey Results from the Sales and Marketing department at Kudler Fine Foods. From 2011 and 2012, invaluable sources of information directly from the customers telling Kudler Fine Foods exactly the types of changes they would want like to see in the company, and it is always important to give the customer exactly what they are asking for. There are some areas that can be confirmed that Kudler is definitely on the right track, such as the high customer approval on the available store hours and the knowledgeable service staff is consistently high on customers surveyed. Unfortunately, there are other areas where customers are clearly stating that they are unhappy with the price of the merchandise and are not receiving courteous customer service on a consistent basis. Some area surveys will show that customers are satisfied with the décor and product selection at these stores, which are definitely areas of opportunity for improvements to get higher customer satisfaction. Brainstorming with local owners and managers on the survey areas where the ratings are low probably would result in some good ideas or