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Benji Watson was faced with many ethical and spiritual situations. Yes, Benji was a Liberty University MBA graduate, and he was at the top of his class. New Gen Health Sciences was a manufacturing company that wanted to higher Benji. So before Benji was hired he went to a seminar type of trip called “Get to Know Us,” but before Mr. Watson arrived to the event he began to read up on the NGHS. Benji Watson came across many ethical situations when he did his research he realized that NGHS’s corporate cultures (specifically) beliefs, values, and behaviors didn’t really coincide with what he believed in, valued or in the line with how he behaved. Upon his research he realized that NGHS made a lot of money, which was a plus but when he went to a “gripe website” which according to “is a website devoted to the critique and or mockery of a person or place.” (Wikipedia, 2013) What he found was mouth dropping, he understood that making money was the corporation’s objective, but how they were going about making their money may not have sat very well with him. The forced purchases, time-in agreements, the fact that they were not working with distributors so that both parties could come out ahead, and the fact that they were leaving some of their distributors in bankruptcy went against what he believed.
When Benji first got to the seminar he was greeted by one of NGHS’s recruiters when asked if he had questions, Benji asked about what he had learned from doing research. He asked about the company sending researchers around the world and the recruiter without hesitation responded with a very dishonest answer. I simply felt that the recruiter had no integrity when it came to his work ethic and that the recruiter had been fueled by money.
Spiritually Benji was also faced with many decisions. It was completely understood that money is needed for everyday necessities, but the bible upon the love of money, for Matthew 6:24 says you cannot serve two masters: God and money. For you will hate one and love the other or else the other way around.” (Cameron, 92, p. 874) NGHS allowed their Public Relations (PR) team to lie about their products and falsify their image and according to Proverbs 6 12:19 (Cameron, 92, p. 578) God hates it when we lie and also according to Matthew 15 18-20 (Cameron, 92, p. 884) lying comes from your heart and with companies heart being unpure. When it comes to Benji deciding whether or not he sign the contract he will have to consider many things. Some of the things Benji will have to consider are: the company’s values, company’s loyalty, some of the companies whom they support and what those companies stand for, the company’s values are also spiritually wrong. They are not loyal to their customers and according to Exodus 34:12 (Cameron, 92, p. 90) it states “Be very, very careful never to compromise with people then in the land where you are going to.”
NGHS supports Planned Parenthood, and according to their website some of their services that their offer are birth control, vasectomies, tubal ligations and abortions. This becomes a touchy subject because although these services prevent the cause of new life there is nowhere in a scripture that says point blank “Abortion is right or Abortion is wrong.” The closest thing that…