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Organizational Impact
10 March 2015
John Stark
Organizational Impact Innovation is a key to the success of any organization no matter whether the organization is in service or manufacturing. If an organization has innovation then that will provide a competitive advantage over other businesses in the marketplace. By having innovative ideas impacts the strategy, process and products the organization can provide. This paper will discuss two organizations and how innovations, design, and creativity can affect the organization. Fed-Ex and Nike are two organizations on different paths but still uses innovation, design, and creativity to reach the goals of the organization. Fed-Ex innovations have taken multiple forms but the main innovation was to offer an automated shipping system and later named it FedEx power ship. This was an industry first allowing customers to check status of their packages while they are in transit. Another way FedEx has been innovative and creative was to offer envelopes that are carbon free. This has offset the carbon use by more than 150,000 metric tons since its introduction in 2012. Other FedEx developments are because of how important innovation is for the organization. All employees are asked to look for way to improve the processes of the company and also ways everything can be streamlined. By doing this it improves the customer experience and allows the overall experience to be a good one. FedEx has a plan to develop ideas that are game changers and will help with their mission. To do this it takes dedication and a methodical approach to innovation and creativity. To allow this mentality the organization has empowered its members to be creative and not be afraid to rethink how the organization does business ("Fed-Ex", 1995-2015). Nike also has led the way in innovation and creativity. One of the innovations Nike’s creative team was able to develop in 2012 was a product called the FuelBand. This was the first of its kind that measured your movements throughout the day. If you are playing sports, running,…