Benifits: Education and Onsted Schools Essay

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Tyler Foster
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May 31, 2012 in class essay
Benefits of Onsted High school
Why should your kid go to Onsted High School? It has great and challenging class choices, great teaching staff, and extra-curricular activity choices. Growing up with Onsted Schools there has been few to a lot of changes. Such as new people coming in old people going out to building repairs along with improvements to sports and equipment. The class choices that you child/children will have are limitless.
To start off with class choices is the first thing anybody runs into. All the choices you may have from basic gym to sports class. Once you are a junior you can have the choice to go to the LISD tech center. Where they have specialty classes for those who know what they want to do when they get out of high school. It allows them to get a head start with their career and college plans. There are generally 20-30 in each separate class, with at least seven different schools in each class. I myself attend the tech center I chose the culinary and hospitality class, enabling myself to a world of options. Such as going to Chicago and working with some chances to work with famous culinary pros. Along with great classes there is good and caring staff.
Another benefit of OHS is the teaching staff. The teachers here at Onsted Schools are all here to help educate and get you child through the good and bad times of high school. Unlike other schools where some teachers are worried about themselves Onsted’s teachers are there for your kids. I have had some great experiences with some teachers. One teacher that has helped me through a lot is Mr. Wonders he is our chemistry teacher. Majority of the current high school students had him in eighth grade for science. Mr. Wonders is one teacher that will put forth the effort to help you if you also put forth the effort to do work and at least try. He is also the track coach and will put time to help his fellow athletes along with regular students.
In addition to teachers being helpful some of the teachers are also coaches or run clubs and extra