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Benito Mussolini, known as a great leader and former Prime Minister to the Italian country helped save and rebuild the Italian nation and economy. Born in a small town in Italy in 1883, called Predappio, Mussolini grew up with anarchist activist parents who had republican beliefs about the current political matter of Italy and the existing Austro-Hungarian situation. Mussolini grew up as a troublemaker, being expelled from several schools due to disobedience and violence. It was not long after Mussolini joined the military service in 1903 did he develop his fascist views on Italy and politics. After the war, Italy was in uproar as the economy was shattered and strikes broke out, causing the people of Italy to look for a leader to guide their nation back to order. In March of 1919, Mussolini and several others formed the National Fascist Party which grew in popularity among the people of Italy, as it had seemed Mussolini had all the answers to Italy’s problems. Mussolini began his rise in power in 1921 when he was officially elected into party and the National Fascist party was then realized and received recognition. After this occurred fascism in Italy took off, as Mussolini promised solutions to Italy’s economic problems through creating dictatorship and order. However, Mussolini quickly peaked in his glory run as Prime Minister. Once Hitler and Mussolini became allies after Italy invaded Ethiopia, the alliance was formed in 1939. Following the great triple alliance of Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary, Italy began to develop as a military power, presenting a force that threatened other countries such as Britain and France. This factor soon leads to the great fall of ‘Il Duce’, the leader of Italy, once the island of Sicily was invaded and conquered, as well as the fall of the Nazi regime. This paper will focus on the rise of fascism in Italy and Mussolini’s rise and fall as a timeless leader in human history.

Great Fall However, each great leader has their drawbacks; The Italian nation relied too heavily on the Nazi Germans, and the German army had been at war with the triple entente and United States. Italy’s dependency was soon to crumble. Joining the Second World War has been known as Mussolini’s largest mistake in his reign. Italy was at peace prior to joining the war and decided to support the Germans who were at war with France and Britain currently. Italy then declared war on France, in support of the Nazi Germans. However, as the war continued over the years, Italy’s weakness began to come out between the cracks, as their military showed no strength or modernization to compete with the new weapons and planes of the opponents (U.S, British, and French). By mid 1943, Italy had lost all of their colonies in South Africa, and were slowing being taken over, losing the Mediterranean Sea also. In July 1943 an invasion in Sicily occurred in Italy that was planned by the Americans and British, which ultimately created serious problems for Mussolini. The island of Sicily was lost, and now the enemy was using it as a base to invade the rest of Italy. Italy was left standing with no German support and Mussolini with his hands caught in the air, as the Italian people witnessed their leader fall. Following this invasion, Mussolini was captured and thrown in jail by his former members of the Fascist Government. “Mussolini was deposed by a revolt within his own Fascist Grand Council, and Victor Emmanuel III, the