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Benjamin Bloom

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About Me

Basic Info Sex: Male Birthday: February 21 1913

Relationship Status: Married to Sophie Bloom

Hometown: Lansford Pennsylvania

Beliefs: believe in the faith in the environment to influence the performance of individuals
The first 4 years of a child’s life were critical to promote cognitive development

Bio: I am a psychologist that has a high intelligence rate. I was born in Lansford, Pennsylvania. In 1935 I received my bachelor’s degree at Pennsylvania State University then went on to achieve my masters and received a PH.D in education in 1942 at the University of Chicago. A little later, I married Sophie Bloom who is now my wife. I’ve wrote many books that influenced people about education and steps on how to learn.

Quotation: “The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, Feelings, and actions of students.” –Benjamin Bloom

Education and Work

Position: psychologist, Educational adviser to the government of Israel, India. Author
Instructor in the department of Education at the University of Chicago in 1944

Description: I was appointed Charles H. Swift’s distinguished service professor in 1970. I work with the education in children and the way children learn.

Likes and Interests Influences: teaching background influenced me to write books, Being around kids all the time and Having children of my own

Interests: education of children, reading, writing, etc...

Music: classical

Books: All Our Children Learning Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.
Developing Talent in Young People


Other: revolutionized the curriculum of classroom learning


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Benjamin Bloom I think the ideal taxonomy of the three types of learning is cognitive (Knowledge), Emotional areas (attitude) and Psychomotor (Physical