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Essay on Benjamin Carson
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Benjamin Carson and the 3 Foundations of Western Civilization Benjamin Carson was born on September 18th, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan. Benjamin grew up in a single parent home with dire poverty. Dr. Carson had a bad temper, along with bad grades. Back in his early childhood no one would have every thought he would accomplish what he has. His behavior slowly began to change once his mother started to have them read every day along with a book report every week. The Carson kids did not know at the time that their mother could not read their book report, for she only had a third grade education. This did not matter though. Dr. Carson’s mother challenged them to strive for excellence. Benjamin Carson is now a full professor of neurosurgery, oncology, plastic surgery, and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Though his actions Benjamin Caron represents the three foundations of western civilization. The 3 foundations of Western Civilization are Greco-Roman culture, Judeo-Christianity and Germanic tribes and traditions. Benjamin Carson represents all three of these in different ways. Benjamin Carson represents Greco-Roman culture by believing in the importance of education. Dr. Carson started out as one of the worst students in his grade. He was at the bottom of his class. This was before his mother started to have them read two library books a week and submit a written book report. After weeks of following his mothers’ austere rule of reading Dr. Carson began to improve in school. Dr. Carson began to ascend to the top of his class, astounding teachers with his new knowledge acquired through reading. Dr. Carson told a short story, taking place 200 years ago, slavery time, at the recent Prayer breakfast on February 7th, 2013, which he stated “it was illegal to educate a slave, particularly to read. Why do you think that was, because when you educate a man, you liberate a man.” Showing that even back 200 years ago people knew education gave power and was important. Benjamin Carson represents Judeo-Christianity by not only his belief in God, but that Jesus was his role model. Benjamin Carson’s whole family believes in God. His mother prayed for the wisdom of how to get her kids to learn and be interested in education. This was the reading two library books a week plan. I read in an article from about how Dr. Carson prayed to God about how to control his