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29 January, 2015

One of America’s Most Impactful Men
Who in American history could be more celebrated than Benjamin Franklin for his work as a writer, statesman and patriot?
Benjamin Franklin’s first claim to fame arose with his articulate abilities to pen and print the written word. Although he did not receive much education, Franklin loved to read and learn on his own. Consequently, this love for the written word prompted Franklin to open a print shop in Philadelphia. After opening his shop, Franklin published a newspaper called, “The Pennsylvania Gazette.” Because his newspaper was so popular, Franklin later published a yearly magazine called, “Poor Richard’s Almanac.” Benjamin Franklin, who was famous for writing many sayings, penned the phrase, “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Americans today still benefit from the writings of Benjamin Franklin.
Benjamin Franklin was also revered for his diligent work as a statesman and patriot. When insurmountable disagreements arose between the Colonies and England, Ben quickly traveled to England in an attempt to negotiate a peaceful solution. Because those attempts were unsuccessful, Franklin returned home and

Luttrell, pg 2 helped his fellow patriots draft and pass The Declaration of Independence. During the Revolutionary War, he traveled to France, seeking assistance from the French
Government to aid in the Colonist’s war efforts. Ultimately, France aided the Colonies by sending soldiers and ammunition, which eventually helped America win the war. Because of his tremendous role in the fight for freedom, Franklin was one of the few Americans who helped negotiate and sign the Treaty of Paris in 1787. Later, Benjamin assisted the young country with his aid in editing and passing the U.S. Constitution. Because of his tireless efforts as a prominent statesman and patriot, Benjamin Franklin greatly contributed