Benjamin Franklin's First Trip To London Essay

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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: His First Trip to London
When Benjamin Franklin first stepped foot onto London’s soil for the first time in 1724 he had no idea how much of an impact this city would have on his future. The city of London set the foundation for all of Franklin’s hard work, motivation, and pleasure. Without even having any previous knowledge about Benjamin, or just by reading part one of his novel, one can already assume that he will have a successful future. By the time he was 20 years old he had accomplished more than what was expected of a man that age. It is particularly interesting to see all that he has accomplished because he didn’t have a strong family support system, he didn’t even have one at all really.
Right away Franklin learned that governor Keith was not a trusted friend or business partner at all. He soon discovered that the letter of recommendations the governor promised to
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Before he even got to London he was blessed with unbelievable skills, and had the integrity to go make something of himself. London was just a destination on his path of life. He acquired so many more skills that he needed to succeed and enhanced all of his previous knowledge. Most of the time while he was at London he was working hard, he had little time for leisure, which I think will affect him in the long run because he will be too consumed with work instead of living his life. He learned to never give out his money to his ‘friends’ because they will never pay him back, word of mouth means nothing. He was able to keep himself well educated by reading books and having useful conversations with the real and true friends he has made. When the time came for Franklin and Mr. Denham to set sail back to America, I had no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in his future in Philadelphia. His time in London as an example in today’s world would be equivalent to being trained for a new