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Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), hero of the war in France and India, renounces to war forever, to live with his family in peace though smart, efficient and ferocious soldier, he marries a beautiful woman who gives him seven children and under their influence changes his violent past for a peaceful future in their vast plantations. The peaceful life the family leads is interrupted when gestated an independence rebellion against England.
Benjamin Martin a former soldier in South Carolina, 1776, recently a widowed father of a numerous offspring and a plantation owner, has other goals, but now the most important thing for him is his family.
When in the Charleston Assembly it is mentioned to fight against England to achieve the desired independence, Benjamin refuses to support the cause; and is greatly contradicted by Gabriel, the eldest son of Benjamin. He decides to enlist to go to war on his own. The facts are will bind Benjamin himself to reconsider his position on the war of independence and he is now the only one who can take forward the cause, however, the British, commanded by the cruel Colonel Tavington , comes to the door of Benjamin’s home, endangering the whole family. Unable to keep his distance and the death of one of his children and taking another one as a prisoner, will make him to take up arms again, recruiting a group of volunteers, including his idealistic patriot son, Gabriel, launching a war against the British.
In fighting for the freedom of his family and the independence of his country, he discovers the pain of betrayal, the redemption of revenge and passion of love, Martin is fighting a great battle against the English winning this battle.
England during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) against France, made huge expenditures, which sought to recover by imposing significant new taxes on its American colonies, the most outstanding are: The Stamp Act, which imposes a tax on legal documents on trade bills and papers and a tax on tea that provoked the desire for independence of the colonies.
American colonists claiming that only a parliament where they are represented has the right to enact new taxes, conceived the idea of disengagement by England. In 1774, the colonists met in Philadelphia, to convene the First Continental Congress, to demand respect for the rights of the colonies still recognizing the authority of the king of England. Participants of the Congress include: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.
As there is no possible reconciliation with the king, they meet for the second time in Philadelphia, and proclaimed the independence of the colonies on July 4, 1776. The resolution was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, where they established the principles of equal liberty and fraternity as fundamental rights of every human being. George Washington, was the designated head of the American army to fight the British. France supported the American military intervenes in order to subtract England much of its colonial power and influence. The war lasted seven years until 1783, in which the Peace of Versailles and Britain formally recognized the independence of the United States.
This film, featuring Mel Gibson, tells the story of the father of a large family of 7 children without a mother, for the Independence of the 13 colonies. At the beginning of the movie you can tell that the English colonies in the South were engaged in agriculture as Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), along with his family, lives on a farm and have black men as workers. When the family goes to Georgetown to the assembly, there is a crowd burning an effigy of George III, King of