Benner's theory and usefulness Essay

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Comment on the usefulness of Benner's work in your present or future role. Provide several examples. Patricia Benner formulated one of high middle range theory and was published in 1984.The model which applies the Dreyfus model outlines five stages of nursing, novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert(Benner1984). The central concepts of Benner’s model are those of competence, skill acquisition, experience, clinical knowledge and practical knowledge. (McEwen &Wills 2014).She also identifies seven domains of nursing practice: Helping role, Teaching or coaching function, Diagnostic client monitoring function, Effective management of rapidly changing situations, Administering and monitoring therapeutic …show more content…
They also meet every two weeks to meet with the manager and unit educators to discuss their progress. Preceptors and the new novice nurses also have debriefing sessions. Charge nurses also help with assignments and unit supervisors help with scheduling. Preceptors are recognized for spending their time and their commitment, precepting new nurses is an activity that can be included for clinical ladder. Good communications between leadership, education department, preceptors and new nurses have helped in the success of this nurse orientation program. Physicians were also involved as they have taken initiatives in teaching some classes for the new residents. For stimulating nurses and to help with professional practice model, nursing clinical advancement programs are also utilized .It is similar to the program that is used in many hospitals nationwide .In order to improve quality of patient care outcomes, and to attract, retain competent nurses, nursing clinical advancement (NCAP) is in progress in many facilities. Benner’s ideas in Novice to expert provides theoretical framework and descriptive titles used for five clinician levels and are