Bennie's Short Story: Just Go

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Bennie reached Michelle house and saw her running to the car Michelle told Bennie “Just go”
They were driving all around town searching for Mae and stopping ever van that looked like the one they saw on the website but never saw one van that had Stephanie or Sylvia inside. Bennie was just about to give up but then saw another van that looked like the picture so she drove up to it and told the van to stop, which they did. Bennie got out of the car and asked them to rolled down the window and right they rolled down the window she knew exactly who the people driving were and they were Sylvia and Stephanie. Sylvia asked “ Do you need something” Bennie was looking around the van and saw Mae still tied up in the back so she replied “Yes, I do need something”
“Well, what is it?”
“I need you to give me back my sister”
“What do you need”
“I said GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER” Bennie shouted and started to punch Stephanie and repeating what she was saying “ GIVE ME MY SISTER!!, GIVE ME MY SISTER!!” As Sylvia was getting punch she opened the door real hard so Bennie can back away from her which made Bennie fall back. Stephanie told Sylvia “DRIVE!!!” Sylvia pressed the pedal so hard it made the van go flying off. Bennie ran to her car
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Bennie knew she was trapped but that did not stop her so she looked for any type of weapon she can find and was going to hit Stephanie with it but the only thing she could find was a rock but they were pretty big rocks so she grabbed five of them and started to throw them in different areas so Stephanie can think she moved so she threw it to the left and Sylvia looked but then Bennie threw it to the right and she still looked so she got the biggest rock and threw it right at Stephanie’s head which made her fall. Bennie went up to her and started to hit her right in her head over and over until she was dead. Bennie said “Finally she is dead, now onto Sylvia then to save my