Benny The Jet Rodriguez: My Role As A Role Model

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My role models throughout my life are Benny the Jet Rodriguez in my early childhood, Kobe Bryant in my early adolescence, and Miguel Madrigal my father currently. All sharing similar traits, but impacting my life at different times. They’ve influenced me to become a better person by teaching me life lessons through their own experiences. Without a doubt, these people have all influenced my outlook on certain scenarios in life.
Benny the Jet Rodriguez, a fictional character from the 1992 film “The Sandlot”, impacted my childhood tremendously. The Sandlot is based on a group of neighborhood kids that spend their entire summer playing baseball on a beat up field, they call the “The Sandlot”. Benny a tall light skin Italian boy with piercing brown eyes and perfectly combed hair was one of the main characters. Depicted as an athletic, coordinated, and a skilled baseball player, Benny was the best baseball player on the block. When
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My behavior was off, I would act out and spend most of my time out of the house. With no motivation or determination to do anything, I was heading down the wrong path. My dad notice my off behavior, and sat me down to have a talk. I’ll never forget the conversation we had, it changed my perspective on life. With a concerned look he asked me what I wanted to do with my life. By this point in time I've already been asked the same question about 100 times by coaches, school teachers and family. Before I could rudely answer the question he told me “it was ok that I didn't know, and I should take time to find what I love in this world. He advised me to take summer classes and branch out and meet new people. My perspective on my dad did not only change, I began to realize my dad saw me as an adult. I could never tell him how much I appreciate the advice he gave me that afternoon. Not to long after that conversation I found purpose in my