Beowulf: A Charismatic Leader

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Heroism and courage are traits that are critical when looking and for analyzing a good leader; such belief has existed and will be acknowledged in the everlasting history of leadership. In Beowulf and the Teachings of Leadership the traits of a charismatic leader are mapped out in the explanation of charisma and the role it played in the story of Beowulf. Based on those qualities a world leader such as Obama proves to be of knowing what charisma is and what it takes to play the role of a charismatic leader. In the article, Obamas “Cool” factor the author distinctly proves Obama’s charisma to be useful by explaining how the charisma of a single man can make a difference in situations like leading a nation, and how utilizing it to be known as charismatic while leading a country and how that may affect future outcomes, as well as showcasing Obama’s Celebrity status and how it affects how he may be viewed by the American people. While charisma can be worn as a mask by many lying and deceptive people, this isn’t relevant with the case of Obama. A great leader like him utilizes it in the best …show more content…
Distinctly proving Obama’s having of strong leadership skills. In this essay I have completed the objective of proving my statements by explain to how The proper use of charisma can lead to great benefits in a situation such as running for president, and furthermore explaining Obamas utilization of charisma to be known for his visionary approach while leading a country, all while showcasing Obama’s Celebrity status and how it sets the bar higher by setting the standard for how the nation should be run, while all in all proving many points and glorifying President Obamas Legacy, while holding his position as a preeminent