Beowulf Analysis Essay

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Beowulf, a young warrior from Geatland, hears of Hroðgar's troubles and with his king's permission leaves his homeland to help Hroðgar. Once given permission Beowulf sets sails to Heorot to take on the a vicious blood thirsty man eater. At the end, Beowul stays true to his word and defeats Grandel. Beowulf introduction in the poem to me sounds like he is the hero everyone has been waiting for. The lines between175-185, people feel disparage and hopeless that Grandel will be defeated. In the point of view where all hope seems lost, bang; Beowulf is brought up as a great leader and warrior crossing the overseas to help people from another land. I thought it was funny how defensive Beowulf got when Unferth questioned his past tales of great battles. Unferth is one of the few in the poem who doesn't believe Beowulf has what it takes to deafeat Grandel. Beowulf deliberately compared himself to Unferth revealing to other how much more superior he was and how Unferth is mainly jealous of beowulfs accomplishments. I strongly believe unferth wants Beowulf to be eating by grandel as a lesson for Beowulf. Before the great battle there was a massive feast and celebration in the hall. It was ironic to me how they were already acting like they won the battle against Grendald. As the night sets, the few who didnt want to take any chance left the hall. Beowulf gave a heroic speech on how he was going to stay true to his word and how if he dies than its ok. I think it was funny