Beowulf Assignment 1 Essay

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Assignment Part 1- The Story
Understanding Characters
Character Actions
1) Beowulf helps King Hrothgar.
2) Beowulf tears Grendel’s shoulder from its socket without using any arm.
3) Despite being very old Beowulf faced the dragon
Others Actions to Character
1) Beowulf receives gifts from the king and the queen.
2) Beowulf became king of his own people.
3) Beowulf had a funeral with honors
1) Stoutest (vigorous)
2) Sturdy (tough)
3) Noble
1) Beowulf has kind intentions toward King Hrothgar
2) Beowulf is generous and shares the king’s gifts with his men.
3) Beowulf is happy that his people can have the dragon’s jewels even though they didn’t want to fight with the dragon.
Write at least a 50 word character description. This should be in sentences/paragraph form.
Beowulf was the example of a perfect hero in his time. He was a great navigator, a strong and brave warrior when he killed Grendel and Grendel’s mother, a noble man when he helped the king in trouble, a ring-lord generous when share the treasures with his people, a king worried about the well-being of his people when he confront the dragon.

Assignment Part 2-Vocabulary

1) Pol-troon: an utter coward.
2) Helm: A position of leadership or control
3) Wassail: A salutation or toast given in drinking someone's health or as an expression of goodwill at a festivity.
4) Prowess: bravery in battle.
5) Hitherward: to or toward this place.
6) Grapple: engage in a close fight