Beowulf: Beowulf and Beowulf Strong Point Essay

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Beowulf The epic poem called Beowulf was a great poem. This story was about the forces of evil and the forces of good which of course the evil force is preventing the good force from achieving its goal. Some people have their different point of view for this poem. Some say this poem is bad and the other half says this was an awesome poem. It could go on and on about this stuff but it won’t get anywhere. Beowulf is a story that should be told to everyone who has read it or not. Beowulf is a guy who would have qualities like he does. This is no ordinary poem it has been around for a long time and translated in many different versions for this poem. Beowulf is a poem that would wow you in May ways when you read it. There are details and a lot of evidence that support this whole poem. This brings us to one work in specific, Beowulf is one of the earliest Old English poem that we have today. Beowulf is a really long poem it has two parts to it. During the story everyone is talking about how Grendel was the toughest and nobody could defeat him in battle. Word spread across the waters to Beowulf the nephew to king of Geats. Now that everyone has heard about this creature and now since they heard the destruction now they need to figure out how to defeat this creature to save everyone from Grendel. Everyone is scared now that they heard this creature and no one wants to go and take it down but just one person does and that is Beowulf. Everyone was excited because they didn’t want to go so he went and now they are cheering him on about him taking down Grendel. Beowulf knew he had to take men with him because he knew he couldn’t do it alone. He made a speech saying he won’t guarantee that you will return home and these guys were willing to do anything for their country. They were willing to take the risk and go with Beowulf. In this story that is retold by Burton Raffel is trying to send a message that Beowulf is a guy a guy that you should look up to as a child because of the heroic qualities he has as a man. Beowulf is a hero. In every story that is about him is where they show that he is a hero no matter what which means nothing happens to the hero. Burton version of the story is the one that I like the most out of every other story translated by other people. In a warrior type of society, physical prowess on the battlefield was praised more than any other characteristic you can possibly have, more than intelligence or piety. This is really Beowulf strong point after all. Early in the story he summoned by the old and wise Danish king Hrothgar. Hrothgar has a problem with a vile creature named Grendel who stalks his people by night, murders them and then eats them. With the aid of only twelve Geatish warriors, Beowulf leaves the land of the Geats to go and face the deadly Grendel. This is a really good story. Beowulf is so great a warrior that he feels it would be unfair for him to fight with Grendel using a weapon, so he challenges him hand to hand. In my mind this is another instance of his over confidence. He does in fact face Grendel and rips his arm clean off his body, but not before one of his men are devoured by the creature. Shortly thereafter, Grendel mother comes to Hrothgar kingdom in search of revenge. After celebrating his first victory, the king asks for his help once again. Being the glory hungry hero that he is he accepts the challenge and goes to the foul swap in search of Grendel vile mother. Beowulf found the mother and thought it was Grendel at first but it was the mom. Once again we see that because Beowulf is such a great hero and beloved of Jesus, he can do the impossible and dive into the swamp and practically swim like a fish. He has no need for air he is a hero. However, he does come across some trouble in the form of Grendel mother. For a female warrior, in regards to what the poet says about women, she is