Beowulf: Beowulf and Grendel Essay

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Ready to spill the blood of unwary, drunk warriors in their sleep, Grendel quickly detached the armored door to the Herot with outrageous strength and fierceness. Grendel’s steps were expansive, with each step the beast's massive calloused feet practically flew one after the other. The floor seemed to be instantly exiled due to his impressive swiftness. "His eyes gleamed in the darkness, burned with a gruesome light". In advance of the soldiers had the chance to be awoken, Grendel perished the life of a Geat. Torn apart like a soft bread, the carcass was drained and wholly demolished. "The bounty before me is beautiful, a heavenly gracefulness, and delightfully helpless" Grendel speculated pertaining to his favorable fortune.

Grendel, destiny had a grim future arranged for the beast. Barely content with taking only one life, the demon marched on to his next victim. Laying before Grendel was the Geat called Beowulf. Without particular fear for the individuality of his supposed scrap, he launched his "fiendish claws" towards the laying man. "His limb was instantaneously seized by one "whose hands were harder" than any man Grendel had encountered on this earth. Frozen in shock, Grendel's understanding was hindered. Once the recognition of his situation transpired to him, "His mind flooded with fear". The shocked creature was psychotic in his struggle for control. Never had Grendel shown such fear, had he ever known such terror. Grendel desired for "nothing more but to escape". Fighting the beast-among-men with every ounce of strength and willpower in his massive powerful body, but to no benefit. Grendel destabilized, his muscles had been battered, crushed, and