Beowulf: Beowulf and Heroic Warriors Essay

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Tierra Singletary
September 2, 2014
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The Anglo-Saxons historical and cultural background has a lot of influence on Beowulf. Beowulf poses as a great heroic warrior, because of his willingness to fight and kill off the blood-hungry Grendel during what is known as the Dark Ages. Through an all bloody battle between the two Beowulf is able to show off his heroism. Beowulf is willing to risk his life in order to save others and to kill the unstoppable blood-seeking Grendel. The Anglo-Saxons influence of many wars, invasions, and bloody conflicts erupted during the Dark Ages. The Anglo-Saxons fought in a series of battles against the invaders. In Beowulf on page 41 lines 59-60, the author states, “So Grendel ruled; fought with the righteous, one against many and won”. Also, on page 41 lines 67-69, the author states, “The monster relished his savage war on the Danes, keeping the bloody feud alive, seeking no peace”. The author means that Grendel fought with the people who protected Hrothgar. He fought them in a bloody and cruel war and killed them all off showing no mercy. The Anglo-Saxons’ early beliefs on Christianity have reflected the reality of their lives, but offered little hope. The Anglo-Saxons religion was marked by a strong belief in fate, and they saved their admiration for many heroic warriors whose fate was to prevail in battle. The Anglo-Saxons became less violent, more secure, and more civilized people. In the story Beowulf on page 41 lines 82-84, the author states, “He never dared to touch King Hrothgar’s glorious throne, protected by God”. The author means that the devil (Grendel) was possessed with evil, and he knew that he would be too scared to step into god’s presence, and if he did he would be destroyed. The Anglo-Saxons took the form of lengthy epic poems praising the deeds of heroic warriors. The Anglo-Saxons would gather in the great mead halls of kings and nobles, on special occasions to celebrate in style. They would feast on pies and