Beowulf: Black People and Dr. Martin Luther Essay

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Sydney Malone

The Diary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
January 15- On this day, 31 years ago I was born into this world. With lack of knowledge of the formalities of the country, I lived day by day in a nation where people where were judged by of the color of their skin, but not by the content of their character. I am not ashamed to say that I am a negro, that I have come from a background that has left my people more courageous than any average human, that we can come together as a unit to fulfill every destiny set out for us. As this day closes out, the only thing that runs through my mind is equality. January 31- Today is the last day of the first month of the year, and I have found a new passion for my people. Just two days ago I learned about the death of Emmit Till, I immediately found it my purpose to voice the opinion of the black race. No longer can the discrimination of humans determine the being of a persons equality. Some how I have to find a solution to this problem that has caused god's people to fight against his will because of a stereotype. As this day close out, I go to sleep with ideas of how I can change the southern minds of ignorance to intelligent minds of Christ and equality. February 7- Today I face the facts of a nation who is being separated by the turmoil of racial injustice. My Father called me down to Ebeneezer Baptist Church, where I was ordained a co- pastor. Everyday I thank god for blessing me with his word and the knowledge of the power of the lord. With the gift god gave me I plan to lead my nation to a promise that will hail over many decades. At the end of our fight for equality it will not be I who gets the glory, but God himself. July 9,1962- Today I have decided to join a powerful campaign; the Albany campaign was a step in changing the face of racial inequality. I have served many purposes in creating a light at