Beowulf comparrison Essay

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The epic poem Beowulf, is story about a legendary hero who faces huge challenges. Challenges that include fighting battles with Grendel and the Dragon. Just like Beowulf every human being has their own Grendel and the Dragon they face, just in different ways.

The pains of having no ligaments supporting your ankles, while playing three sports is tremendous. The easiest and quickest way to fix this would be to have surgery on my ankle to have the ligaments reattached. If I had surgery, the recovery would be three months, three months without sports and physical activity! I dont think thats something I could handle. So, I chose to use a combination of physical therapy, and physical activity. The continued stretching and running keeps my ankle loosened up and keeps the swelling and pain from setting in. I compare this to Beowulf's battle with the monster Grendel, because Beowulf defeats the monster and as of this point right now I would say that I successfully have overcame my battle with pain. “Grendel saw that his strength was deserting, his claws bound fast.”

Trying to get good grades, while playing three sports and hunt, is a huge challenge for me and many other kids. With the three sports taking up almost every evening during the week, and hunting taking up almost every weekend. It makes it almost impossible to find time to do homework. In order to cope with this, I have to use all my time wisely in school and at home. In school I have to use every opportunity I…