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Beowulf essay
We are all humans, and we are all responsible to ourselves, but I agree it is our choice to be responsible for other humans. Most humans don’t have a choice, like parents. In the eleventh century epic poem, Beowulf, written by an unknown author, the protagonist Beowulf is a caring soldier. He felts responsible to all his soldiers that were with him. Question is, are we responsible for other humans? And how are the Beowulf characters named Beowulf and Wiglaf reflects the belief about responsibility toward others.
Many humans care for others and some don’t. But the real question is, are we responsible for others? I believe that answer is up to the person because it’s their choice. For example according to the poem Beowulf, “Beowulf and the Geats thanked god that their leader had come back unharmed.” This proves that they are all different human beings, not related, and they choose to care for each other. Some people do and do not have a choice to be responsible for other human beings. Another example in the poem, “since the dragon breathes fire, Beowulf decides to use his sword, shield and armor. He orders his followers to wait for him in the barrow.” This proves that even though Beowulf is or not responsible for his soldiers, he feels responsible for them and rather keeps his soldier’s safe.
Beowulf is basically the strongest soldier in the poem but also the most responsible soldier as well. Beowulf reflects the belief of responsibility towards other by him taking care of his people and his soldiers known by his Geats. For example according the poem Beowulf it

Said, “Seek it if you dare! Save us once more and again twisted gold heap up ancient treasure will reward you for the battle you win.” This proves that Beowulf is responsible for his people and his people believes in him that he will protect him. Wiglaf