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Karyna Barberena
October 13,2014
Period 2


In every culture there’s a foundation which makes up the power or ranks of that society. In
Anglo Saxon there’s warriors,queens,and kings.The poem Beowulf by comparing and contrasting the different characters, shows you the reader what it is to be a good Anglo­Saxon warriors, queens, and kings.
First, a good king would be Shield Sheafson.In lines 3­4 the quote ,“There was Shield
Sheafson,scourage of many times,a wrckers of mead­benches, rampaging among foes.” “Shield
Sheafson head many noble qualities that resembles good reign.”This quote shows that Shield
Sheafson is a good king because he destroys in his pain tribe wise.Anyone who is challenges his rule are quickly casted down. A wrecker or meadhalls his quality of unrelenting force is wht lies under Shield Sheafson personal.
An example of another good king would be Hrothgar.In lines 450­460 the quote
“Beowulf ,my friend, you have traveled here to favaur with help and fight for us.”Hrothgar approves Beowulf’s arrival declares,he will fight with Grenedel.Hrothgar is happy that finally someone will defeat Grendel so he tells Beowulf all of Grendel’s raids.So it satisfied and so will the people.If the people are happy then the king is doing a great job.
There is also a bad queen which would be Grendel’s mother.In lines 144­150 the quote, “
She had pounded and taken one of the retainers in a tight/hold the heded for the fen.”

In this quote it shows that she would kill warriors and headed them to show the people that she was one is in charge of the kingdom.
A bad warrior in the book would be Grendel.In lines 118­121 the quote “And there he came upon them,a caompantof the best/asleep from their feasting is emsible to pain/and human sorrow/suddenly then/the god­cured Brute was crodanic ause.” Grendel is a bad warrior because he went to attack warriors while they were asleep and this shows that he doesn’t care about fair fight. Grendel is a bad warrior.”So Grendel ruled in defiance of right, one against all until the greatest house in the…