Essay on Beowulf: Fifa World Cup and David Beckham

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Beowulf Essay

From England’s most hated to England’s most loved and iconic player. David Beckham and the great Beowulf have many similarities and differences in their personas. They were both tremendous leaders and were seen as an idol or icon. They had a lot courage and leadership which made them be loved by their people. However they do have differences like one was once hated by his nation. Also one was a one man person while the other had a whole team with him at all times and one had incredible strength and the other a regular human being. Although they may be very different both are heroes to other people. David Beckham and Beowulf were great leaders. Beowulf would protect his people and would not fear any enemy, he fought for the people he loved just like Beckham was captain of the England national soccer team and would take his team to the world cup finals after scoring a free kick against Greece. They were both seen as idols or icons for their actions. Beowulf was giving a special burrier and although he wanted his people to have the treasure he fought for the people buried the treasure with him and as for Beckham, he is still recognized as one of England’s best captains and one of the best players to ever play soccer. Of course with similarities there also comes differences. Beowulf is just a legend, he is not proven to be real. David Beckham is considered a legend in soccer but he is very real and still alive. Beowulf had super strength like a make up super hero would…