Beowulf: Good and Evil and Beowulf Essay

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Emily Argotsinger
AP Literature
14 August 2014
The Light in Death In Beowulf, Grendal’s menacing rampage causes unrest in the Dane’s kingdom. An unexpected hero, Beowulf, comes to triumph over Grendal’s evil and in the manner of his death, the author expounds the theme that if one has faith in the light, anything is possible. Grendal had terrorized king Hrothgar’s kingdom for 12 years, slaughtering his men and soldiers in hall Heorot and no one had been able to stop him until Beowulf came. Grendal was a dark, evil monster that no man, however strong or brave could conquer, and Beowulf’s coming was not seen as anything different. He did not seem like a worthy opponent of such a beast, because he was small and had bad eyesight, so the king didn’t have faith he could overcome Grendal. But Beowulf believed the best plan was no plan, so he went against Grendal without a sword and with only his wits. When Grendal finally came that night he was overwhelmed by the light Beowulf gave off when he grabbed his arm. “To Grendal it was as if the sun itself had caught him in its clutch. Made of wickedness as he was, the good in this man burned him.” (pg 40). Beowulf was not strong, but the light given off by his good surmounted Grendal’s darkness, and he was able to rip Grendal’s arm off and send the monster away to die. Grendal’s death scene shows how the power of the light of good is a match for any force no matter how strong or evil. Even when Grendal is…