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The Anglo-Saxon period lasted from roughly 449 to 1066. The people of this era lived on what is known today as the British Iles and Scandinavia (Demark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland). Anglo Saxons grouped themselves into tight nit clans where they were fiercely loyal to their chieftain or leader. Due to their geographical location they were farmers and fishermen by trade. They were also a worrier society because the Viking raiders constantly harassed their coast and plundered their towns. During this time the monks from the main land gradually converted the people from their pagan faith to Christianity. All of these things that characterized the Anglo Saxon period are apparent in the epic poem Beowulf.
Beowulf is a timeless example of first century western European Poetry . He shows the tradition of his warrior culture. The deeply ingrained tradition of the Anglo Saxon warriors is overflowing with Honor and protocol. An obvious example of their insistence on honor and bravery when Beowulf tells Hrothgar “To bear a blade or a broad-fashioned target, a shield to the onset; only with hand-grip I, too, shall disdain to use any. This foe I must grapple” (65). Using no weapons against Grendel puts the two combatants on what appears to be equal footing. This courage pays off in a twisted form turn of fate. Grendel’s hide has been enchanted by dark magic to “dull the blade of any sword or spear”. After Beowulf informs Hrothgar of his honorable plan to slay Grendel he says that if he is to lose this battle, then his weapons and armor should be sent home to his family signifying that he died an honorable death.

Beowulf has both christen and pagan and influence. Throughout the whole poem there is reference to Christianity and to pagan beliefs. There is talk of omens, monsters and fate, but there is also mention of God and the need for faith. When Beowulf tell Hrothgar of his plans to confront the monster Grendel, he says “Fate goes ever as fate must” (455), this is a very Pagan concept, with fate. But Grendel is said to be from the clan of Cain and there are several occasions were God is referred to being almighty and al powerful as when Hrothgar tells Beowulf “But God can easily halt these raids and harrowing attacks” (478). The men that wrote the Beowulf story were christen Monks that liked the story, they used it as a way to enforce their ideas on the Anglo Saxons. This shows that Beowulf was written during a time of conversion form pagan to christen.
Beowulf is an epic hero witch reflects the values of an Anglo Saxon warrior. In the beginning of the poem Beowulf leads fourteen of his best men on his quest to slay the terrible monster Grendel. And in his last battle he leads many men against the dragon.…