Flag Transition From Smooth Into Shes Not There?

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NORTHSIDE HIGH SCHOOL COLOR GUARD 2013 Flag transition from Smooth into Shes Not There 1-16 Hold 1-16 Drop Spins 1-16 Big O/Lil O Drop Spin (1) Hitchhiker hand (2) Silk down (3) Roll pole over your thumb, fully extend your arm UP (NOT OUT) with thumb up (4) Repeat 1-4 L. Slam (1) Hold (2) RS (3) Hold (4) 5-8 Swiss Spin Turn Swiss Spin Turn to face backfield (5-6) Loop behind back Turn to face frontfield (7-8) Begin loop behind head on (7) 1-8 Ice Cream Scoop Turn to Left drop silk down (1) Pull silk up and under R. Arm (2) Pivot all the way to the right drop the silk down (3) Pull up to RS on L. Hip (4) Back Rowboat Flat (5) Straight up with silk down (6) Flat (7) RS (8) 1-4 R. Slam (1) Hold (2) RS (3) Hold (4) 5-8 Tip toward the ground behind your back (5) Up (6) Pull tip toward the ground in front of your body (7) RS (8) 1-8 Sunrise Drop Spin (1) Hitchhiker hand (2) Silk down (3) Pull silk to the right to keep it flat put pole behind your head (4) Pull silk toward your left shoulder to flat (5) Silk down at straight up down (6) Silk flat on right side (7) RS (8) 1-16 Heathers Move Blue Devil (1-4) Flip over to Flat with silk on the R. Side (6) (DO NOT LET IT DIP) Throw the silk back to the left to straight up down with it braced against your left arm (7-8) Push and turn to the right to face backfield at RS with thumb down (1-2) Flip silk around catch with thumb down (3-4) Blue devil turn to the R. Side (5-6) Finish blue devil and turning to face frontfield (7-8)