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Beowulf Essay
In the epic poem Beowulf, it can be said that a Christian could have written this poem. Seamus Heaney utilizes Christian values and elements in this story to express the main characters. Beowulf, also known as the great hero along with the demons, embraces the characteristics that are similar to the characters of those stated in the bible. Completing the poem, Seamus Heaney directly illustrates for the reader that Beowulf is a man lined with great Christian values and is a character that is willing to sacrifice his life to help save others and defeat evil with the assistance of God right beside him. The use of allusions helps illuminate the theme of Beowulf by showing the conflict of Beowulf’s heroic pride and withholding good Christian values. Throughout the poem Beowulf continually states how God is his protector. “But Beowulf was mindful of his mighty strength, the wondrous gifts God had showered on him: He relied for help on the Lord of all, on his care and favour” (1270-1273). Throughout the poem there is always a way that God is connected with Beowulf’s actions. But there must also be a strong logic in a way that God’s trust and protection can be received; a hero must hold the characteristics of being humble, honest, and be mindful in order to earn all of God’s trust and protection. Beowulf is described as a generous and brave hero who would sacrifice and risk his own life to save others, similar to what God did; sacrifice his life for our being. Beowulf being successful in defeating the demons in the poem contrasts in God’s ways that shows good well-being, but guides him in the direction of winning the battles. In the poem when Beowulf is about to battle Grendel’s mother, he notices a weapon on the walls, but he doesn’t take advantage of what he sees, he hands the credit to God. “But the Lord of Men allowed me to behold—for He often helps the unbefriended—an ancient sword shining on the wall...” (1661-1663). A few lines later in the poem Hrothgar speaks to Beowulf and tells him that even the King God in order to be successful. In other words, everyone needs a little piece of God in order to go through life and face obstacles in order to be successful. The influence of power is with God and any “happiness” that man can withhold living life, which starts and is completed with the belief and hope of God. Furthermore, Hrothgar explains to Beowulf that with good success handed over by God he must share his abilities with everyone or else everything would