Beowulf True Hero Essay

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The True Hero:
(A Critical Analysis of Beowulf's Motivations) Heroes, such people as Kim Kardashian, or Jay-z. No, you think these people are not heroes, well who would be in this world of ours? Well before you choose I think we should look for the most iconic hero ever discussed in literature, Beowulf. Beowulf was a warrior who lived the Anglo Saxon code, a code of Vikings. This Anglo Saxon code has a lot of small actions you must follow, but we will look at the three major motivations that men or women must do to be a true hero, and yes it does matter what your motivations are. These three motivations are a sense of duty, glory, and sacrifice, fairly lucid. Weird how one of these things don't seem to belong with the others, well that will be sorted out soon. In the three parts of the Beowulf epic, there are three motivations for Beowulf’s actions. Beowulf’s motivation in Part I of the Beowulf Epic is the sense of duty. It is stated in Part I “My people have said, the wisest, and most knowing And best of them,
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This is an underlying part in this epic throughout the whole piece, but the character that I feel brings this into full view is a soldier known as, Wiglaf. Wiglaf states “I’d rather burn myself than see Flames swirling around my lord.” Lines 763-764 saying he would rather die, than his king die. This is the ultimate sacrifice, dying for the greater good. Beowulf actually died in this fight, for his people, his country, his glory, and his honor. All of the past motives now get wrapped into this one. When you sacrifice, you will gain glory and you will fulfill a duty. The duty of sacrifice, and the glory of sacrifice truly shows that this motivation is on the very top of the code. Nothing trumps the growth of a warrior's sacrifice. Not any amount of gold, not any kingdom, no women, or triumph you can gain no more after you have