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Beowulf Vocabulary 1. Scop Composers or storytellers of Anglo-Saxon poetry 2. Moored To secure a ship 3. Gables Decorative triangular-shaped roofing structures 4. Wergild A fine paid to the relatives of a murdered person to free the offender from further obligations 5. Linden Soft, light wood 6. Mead Alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water 7. Vexed Annoyed; irritated 8. Gorges Eat greedily 9. Sentinel A person or a thing that stands to watch 10. Talons Claws 11. Sinews Tendons 12. Hoary Gray and white with age 13. Pyre A bonfire for burning a dead body 14. Hoard A hidden or carefully guarded supply of accumulation of values 15. Scabbard Sheath for a sword 16. Runic Ancient alphabet from 3rd to 13th century 17. Solace To console or cheer 18. Niggardly Reluctant to give or spend; stingy 19. Skulked To move stealthily 20. Scruples Moral principles or beliefs that make someone unwilling to do something that seems wrong 21. Fen Boggy area often found on the coast or swamp 22. Fiend Evil being 23. Minstrel Singer especially who memorize epics 24. Grovel To bend down to someone out of fear or desire of attention 25. Puny Weak or undersize 26. Bounteous Abundant, plentiful, given with generosity 27. Clarion Loud and shrill 28. Lair Den or hiding place of an animal or thief 29. Stupor In a sleepy state due to an illicit drug…