Beowulf VS. Gandolf Essay

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There are many hero’s in this world, some are fictional and some real. This is a comparison of a modern fictional character, Gandolf, verses the 6th century hero Boewulf. Both hero’s are strong, and driven people who have stood for good instead of evil. While one uses wizardry to defeat evil, the other uses brute strength. Neither of them are from the same regions of the world or era in time but both would no doubt be willing to stand arm and arm to fight the others battle with them. Both men, went to other lands in order to fight great evil and to help those who were being tormented and down trodden by the evil that was tormenting them. Gandolf was much older and more experienced then Beowulf. He was a member of the white counsel and stood against evil whenever it would rise. He had many adventures and battles and was very successful in all of them. Beowulf was a comparatively young man when he went to Denmark to help King Hrothgar fight Grendel. I’m sure it wasn’t his first battle but it was his most famous battle. While Gandolfs’ enemies were supernatural, evil and undoubtedly strong, what made them such huge battles was the number of enemies involved in any single battle. There could be tens of thousands of one type of enemy that he would have to fight against in the best way he was able to. He would have to do and what he was very good at was getting all these different races of creatures, people and sometimes even trees, to fight these battles with him. On the other hand, Beowulf, and a few of his men showed up in Denmark to fight one demon that was ravaging one kingdom. The King ordered

whoever was left of his people to help Beowulf in the battles against Grendel and later on Grendels mother, who was a swamp hag with supernatural powers. He then retires and reigns as king for fifty years until a dragon becomes a problem, and…