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Berlin is located at 52.5233° N, and 13.4127° E. The city is in Northeastern Germany and is approximately 37 miles away from the Polish border

Berlin is the largest city in Germany, with around 3.5 million people living in it. The city is so large, in fact, that it is one of the 16 German states. Some of the people that live in Berlin, are; artists, attracted to the 400+ art galleries, 500,000 foreign nationals, and students looking to attend universities. Berlin universities boast an eighty-two percent graduation rate. Another interesting fact about the people of Berlin is that more than 60% of the population does not have a registered religion, thus making the city the Atheist capitol of the world.
Berlin's physical characteristics are quite interesting, eighteen percent of the city is woodland, the average altitude is 246 ft. above sea level, and the annual precipitation is 22 inches. All of these aspects add up to make a very “normal” climate. Berlin has hot summers, cold winters, rainy autumns, and sunny springs, with little to no extreme temperatures.


The earliest evidence found indicating settlements in Berlin is dated back to 1192, and the first written record of any town in Berlin was written in the late 13th century. The town officially became “Berlin” in 1307. The city was decimated by the Thirty Years War in the first half of the 17th century. Thirty percent of the homes were damaged or destroyed and more than half of population lost. Toward the end of the century, the king offered asylum to the French Huguenots and more than 6,000 settled in Berlin. By the beginning of the next century, the population of Berlin was more than 20 percent French.

Throughout history, Berlin has been impacted by other wars and social and economic international trends, including the Industrial Revolution, the division of Germany into two separate countries and the reunification.

Human Environment Interaction

Because of Berlin's moderate climate and geographic features, the inhabitants have not encountered many issues with the environment and have not had to take drastic measures in order to change it. However, since the…