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A Triangle of Theories
Juan Zapata Mrs. Kavanagh SCH3U Period: 2 Due date: May 29, 2013

The Bermuda triangle is located between Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Island and is responsible for many disappearances of ships and aircraft since the days of Christopher Columbus (Hamilton, 2007). It is recorded that during the expedition of the new world of 1942, Christopher Columbus reported compass malfunctions and a bolt of fire that fell into the sea, and there were over 170 cases reported like his since then (Hamilton, 2007). Not only have there been reports about compass malfunctions during the past century, but more than 1000 lives have been lost and about 100 ships and aircraft have sailed or flown into oblivion (Obringer, 2006). The Bermuda triangle is categorized as a paranormal mystery, and in the past century it has been the theme of many books and the topic for continuous research (Obringer, 2006).
The Bermuda triangle has been investigated by scientists, filmmakers and journalists who have been trying to uncover clues of the mysterious events attached to the area. Through investigating the reports and locations of the many disappearances that took place within the geographical triangle of the Atlantic Ocean, theories that have been hypothesized go as far to say that aliens selected the Bermuda triangle as their place on earth to abduct humans, ships and aircraft, or that there could be electric fog clouds that could cause airplanes to malfunction and crash. Nevertheless, such mind-boggling theories have only been theorized without any proof or factual information. For this reason, scientists that have researched the Bermudas triangle with profundity have concluded that due to its geographical location, most of the disappearances are caused by environmental factors (Donnely, 2010).
Incredible theories
One theory is that a comet responsible for the unexplained disappearances that have occurred. Eleven thousand years ago, a comet was said to have landed in the ocean in the area of the Bermuda Triangle (Obringer, 2006). Theorists hypothesize that this comet has bizarre electromagnetic properties that could disturb compasses and other navigational tools found on the aircraft that has traveled beneath it (Begosh, n.d.). This speculation would account for all of the instruments that go crazy in the ships and in the planes. It explains mostly everything. However, no one really knows if this comet is even exists because no one has ever seen it. The reality of a large comet being there is highly unlikely because the comet would have landed as a whole peace into the ocean instead of exploding in order to have such electromagnetic powers (Begosh, n.d). In addition, deep underneath the ocean of the Bermudas triangle there has been a large amount of research with technology which has not found any objects with similar characteristics to comets, or any object that could actually have an effect on the compasses of ships and aircraft (Obringer, 2006).
The second theory is that Bermuda triangle is an area of UFO abductions, which is believed to explain all of the disappearances. Part of the theory is that the Bermuda Triangle is a portal used by UFO to transport them from their planet to ours. Many scientists believe the vanished city of Atlantis and its remnants of its sophisticated technologies reside in what is now the Bermuda Triangle. Some even go to