Bernie Sanders Argumentative Analysis

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In the past few months, Representative Sanders has made quite the name for himself as a democratic socialist. Mr. Sanders was born in an era where all socialist words had earned some type of taboo. As the years went by, the wealth of Americans shifted from the majority to a small minority utilizing American capitalism. Today, the top one tenth of the American population makes about as much as the bottom half of the American population. Some may agree that as long as those very few people acquired their money through just procedures then the wealth distribution is okay. Then there's Bernie Sanders. He believes that no matter how the wealth was distributed, whether it was fair or not, it is not fair today. With Bernie Sanders came the taboo from over half a century ago. Most of the media and government officials don't try to understand his perspective. The argument usually leads to why socialism is inadequate for America, and how to fix it with capitalistic policies. From a philosophical point of view, Bernie Sanders …show more content…
He believes that America should proceed from an economic fact. Currently, the top 1 percent of Americans can account for more than half of the American population’s wealth. For the first time in the history of America, the next generation will be worse off than their parents. The top one percent of Americans have done nothing illegal, but as they made more money, the average American has suffered. Procedural justice says this is fair, but substantive justice claims the outcome to be unjust. As a small percentage of people make more money, there is less money for everyone else to make. According to PBS, if a hundred dollars was split between five people, each representing twenty percent of America's population, the bottom twenty percent would get a dollar. Meanwhile, the top twenty percent would get eighty three dollars. That leaves sixteen dollars for the other sixty percent of the