Beroepsprofiel 5 Juni 2015 Essay

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Gilleam Trapenberg - 5 June 2015
The aesthetic aspects of a subject have always been important for my development as a photographer. In my work I’m often inspired by the influence of American culture, identity and status within society. These are common reoccurring themes within my work. I strive to create subjective documentary projects which focus on a small and precise subject matter that I use to tell a larger story. The notion of photographing is a means of looking for me, I’m constantly taking snapshots throughout the day, whether with my phone or a larger camera. I believe this has translated into my work the past year. My work has become much more intuitive and I’m not as afraid as I was before about portraying a subjective view of a certain subject matter. Lately I have been fascinated by the manipulative characteristics of the medium of photography and I hope to develop this further, not in just the visual aspects but also in subject matter. My internship with Stefan Ruiz was based on my interest in assisting someone whom maintains a healthy balance between both commissioned work and personal work.
 After graduating my goal would be to be represented by Webber Represents, as I see definitely see myself living in New York again. Webber Represents is a creative agency that represents photographers, stylists and set designers and strives to acquire commissioned projects that fit the photographers interests. I believe working in the editorial field wouldn’t be too far from my current way of photographing. Gregory Halpern, Daniel
Shea, Mark Peckmezian and Thomas Albdorf are just a few of the photographers represented by Webber. 

Through Instagram I received an…