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I have great commercial facility for all types of negotiation and sale of financial products formality in forming teams and working whit them. Extensive experience in financial analysis and evaluation of projects, with emphasis on credit management, standardization of financial assets and management of financial products. Ability to negotiate and reconcile portfolio. Experience in the interpretation and application of standards of qualification portfolio development loans, loans to small, medium and large businesses, consumer loans and advice on financial restructuring.

Excellent interpersonal relations, ability to make public presentations and ability to assume responsibility and make decisions .Great availability for work as a team and as a leader with charisma and good human element in managing customers for generation of good negotiations.

Ability to work under pressure, proactive and high performance orientation. Greater commitment to the full development and management in meeting goals.

To put my experience into practice and to make the business succeed.
To be able to apply new strategies according to the new learning proceeds


To be able to coordinate in recuperating the company’s liabilities to segment the consumer’s portfolio, involving the commercial annual jurisdiction with a permanent monitoring of business. To recommend strategies to recover loans. To perform all other functions that I had been assigned by the immediate superior. To evaluate the desirability of legal procedures.

I made a permanent monitoring the development of business management by portfolio managers and analysts nation wide massive portfolio. I participated with a voice in decisions delegated to the committee collegiate national collection, to evaluate all the proposals should go to higher courts decision, whether massive or special portfolio.

Tended permanent contact with different areas of the Directorate General, trying to maintain a team. External customers visited company executives or massive special portfolio, to observe their performance in their business management. I looked and had a proper relationship with…