Best Dog Food For Pugs Research Paper

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Pugs are lazy - real lazy. According to Pet Pug Dog, “Since the Pug breed is prone to weight gain, exercise is an important part of care that keeps the dog’s body in shape, maintaining important muscle mass.” Getting your Pug to exercise is key, and you must take baby steps. In order for your Pug to enjoy it, try interacting with him. Some activities you could do with your Pug is taking him for a walk, playing fetch, or even going for a swim. Too much exercise can cause or worsen health problems.
2.Pugs live to eat. In the article titled “Best Dog Foods For Pugs,” it says “ Pugs need a diet with protein and carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.” The amount and kind of food your Pug eats is very important. Make sure to watch how much your