Best Friend of Charleston and Ariel Essay

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It had appeared as a unclouded, clear bright night. The slight breeze spun several colourful leaves around. The moon hung high and the light derived from the toe nail shaped object shone down on the suburban houses of West California. In a specific house, one with a bright red oak door and designed in an older style was the home of the petite, golden haired female who at that very moment was contemplating sneaking out for the first time in her life. She was born into a strict christian family who had no tolerance for the type of behaviour she was most definitely going to be doing that night. It was rumoured to be the best party of the year, and surprisingly, Ariel had been invited to the almost exclusive party. At first, she had politely declined the offer, but her rather curious best friend had urged her into later accepting, and this was where she ended up. Soon enough, she'd been ready. Her normally pin straight hair were curled into small, tight ringlets. Along with that, she had on black skin-tight leather pants that somehow winded up in her closet. To tie together the outfit, she had on a white see through t-shirt and a pair of flats she never wore. Looking at the edgy look, she never would've seen herself dressed in that manner, but she felt as if there had to be a first for everything. Soon enough, she had propped open the rusted window that lay right above the roof and led to the front lawn. Setting her slender hands on the window, she placed one of her feet outside the window and proceeded to propel herself out of the room. Staring back at her now empty room, she took a deep breath in before she began to head down the ladder. Making her way to the ground, she looked around the surrounding area of her home scanning for the fiery red locks of her best friend of 10 years, Ashley. Ariel had been on the girl for more than five minutes. As she began to grow impatient, she heard a twig snap close by. Instantly, her head snapped towards it. That's when she heard a voice. “Boo!” The voice whispered into her ear. Her heart lept, her breath stopped and goosebumps began to surface on her skin. “Jesus fucking Christ, Ash. You nearly scared me half to death” Ariel spat at her friend whilst clutching her chest. “Chill, it was just a joke” Ashley replied shrugging her shoulders. She had to admit her friend looked stunning; her hair was opposite of hers, pin straightened reaching down to her waist. Her outfit was also quite different; as she wore a pair of blue high waisted paired of with a floral bralette. Smirking in approval, they began to progress towards the old, run down convertible they would be using to go to the party. “I don't feel like driving tonight, so you do it” She said throwing the key towards her friend who expertly caught it before jumping into the drivers seat. She rolled her eyes before she made her way into the car. As soon as she sat in the car, she felt her iPhone vibrate against the outside of the thighs. She swiftly pulled it of her back pocket to notice that she had a text message. Growing more and more annoyed as she scanned the text message she had received from her overbearing younger brother. Her fingers furiously tapped the screen of the white iPhone typing a witty response to her brothers threat. “If you do do that, I'll tell mom what you really do with your allowance” She mouthed, reading over what she had typed. When she looked away from the screen, she had just realized they had begun to near the party. Looking down at her outfit, she smoothed out every single wrinkle she could spot. The music emanating from the grand speakers in the house could be heard from the street away. Parking somewhat close to the party, Ariel and Ashley emerged from the car and headed towards the outrageous party that had been awaiting them. As soon as they walked into the party, wolf calls were made at them which of course made Ariel blush in the process. She raised a single hand to brush her small curls out of her face