Best-Self Portrait Essay

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| Learning Project 1, Part 4-6 | |


LP1, Part 4: What are others' experiences of me when I am my best?

Phase 1: Creating the Reflected Best-Self Portrait
When I am at best, I help people. I motivate myself and feel motivated when I get to help others. Whether it’s a stranger, colleague, friends, or family, I feel my passion in assisting those in need. As long as it’s within my capability and moral belief that what people ask for help is ethical and legal, I give them my attention and time. I feel happy that I am able to give a hand, and I feel happy to see people become happy with the help I give them. Helping others put smiles on my face and also on them as well. I feel proud of myself that I have the power to help the
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| 1. Be open to the sensitive questions from Danny3. Be receptive to what can be condescending questions and statements from Danny about my religion2. Open to different cultures, when first came to Canada. | Loving and welcoming | I believe in the loving and welcoming all of those who enters into my life. Once entered, I love and value them regardless of circumstances | 1. Welcoming Coral to Calgary and to my friends. 2. Making Sinae feel at ease at my place. |

Best-Self Stories
1. From a work colleague: I have the ability to give a hand whenever any co-worker asked. For example, there was a time when Choa asked if I could help her with arranging all the inventories in the back room, I agreed to help with a smile. The back room was a mess and it was going to take a long time to arrange because the inventories were not in order of product names. Choa and I started get to work, by prioritizing the sections that we needed to organize. I set the sections in the best order so we could finish by the end of our shifts. Although we didn’t work together many times before, we managed to work together well, helping one another. I didn’t lose smile although there were lot of work to do. I helped her when she was handling heavy inventories. In the end, we managed to finish our jobs, and end up gotten closer than before.
2. From a work colleague: I was fast getting used to the new working place as well as being with new co-workers. When I got the