Best Way To Communicate Essay

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Latest Fade or Best Way to Communicate

Latest Fade or Best Way to Communicate

INF103: Computer Literacy

Instructor: Caroline Howard

Monday, January 7, 2013


Latest Fade or Best Way to Communicate


The World Wide Web has definitely come a long way. Out of nowhere advanced computer technology everywhere was being introduced to the world along with the modern way to socially connect with the rest of the world. Before the internet in order to find anything out research wise you had to rely on the media, newspapers, encyclopedias and the library if you wanted reliable resources for whatever you were working on. Now with the internet no one has to go to the library to search, find, read and decide what research is the best course to take, all one has to do is log on to the world wide web and all your research and questions for the most part can be answered. With social media before when you wanted to know anything about what was going on with a celebrity, your family or just anything that is happening in the world, you would by one of the local magazines or watch the specials on the televisions. As for what was going on with family, friend or foe all you did was pick up the phone and information was delivered. With the rate at which social media is used today telephones are a thing of the past – holding real conversations are a thing of the past. I myself am guilt of the social/web for interaction with my family members not like most with Facebook and twitter but I have a tendency to talk to my family more through text messaging then voice to voice. Most who know me know that if you really want to get in touch with me the best thing to do is to text me. Now while I still think that text messaging makes some things impersonal and should not be used I am still guilty as well as most of my family. Having so many outlets has made it virtually impossible I think to have any type of real communication face-to-face. The only type of communication that most utilize today is through the web and social media. I use the internet to shop, pay bills and go to school but as I have stated so many times before I am old school and would really prefer to do things the way they used to be done. Yes, I know that change and

Latest Fade or Best Way to Communicate


progression is good but I also know that with the advancements that modern technology has had there have also been some downfalls because of this progress; like loss of a physical human being able to assist you instead of the machine. Now, while it might seem that I am antitechnology, I am not I love the modern amenities that don’t have a person on the unemployment line. Not sure what would be invented in the future just know that each day, every month and every single year there is some new devices that is supposed to be better than the last, I just want them to create a better way of protecting ones identity and information over the web. There are some strong laws and protections out there; I just know that there can be better ways to protect the common people.
Technology plays an essential role in how individuals work, live and even learn.
Organizations of all sizes rely on technology to help them operate more efficiently and effectively on a universal spectrum. People, myself included, use computers and other technologies at home for education, entertainment, information management and business purposes. We also use computers as tools to access information and to communicate with others around the world. Social media/web has revolutionized the way people communicate and live their lives. Rosedale created a virtual community called second life where people were able to be anyone they wanted made no difference just whatever you heart desired your choices were boundless (Bowles, 2010). In some cases virtual communities have made an impact on people’s life and the way they think. Some people are