Betrayal: Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Number-one Singles and Person Essay

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A significant challenge that I have had to deal with in my life is betrayal. I am generally a very open person, but a few years ago I learned a huge lesson about the importance of knowing the person that you place your trust in. I was disheartened to find that the person that I put all my faith in and the person who I believed I could trust, was not trustworthy. I believed that I could share everything with this person. We were the cookie cutter, chick flick, picture perfect image of best friends. We shared every secret, big or small and confided completely in each other and vowed to take each secret to the grave, and often joked about those people whose friendships were not as strong as ours. One day however, everything changed when I turned to find that trust completely shattered, and all my secrets spilled for the world to hear. It was because of this instance that I had to harshly learn the realities of the unjust world we live in. I was devastated, and felt alone as I tried to make sense of how I could have let this happen, and how could I have been so blind as to not have seen this coming. I went over every detail millions of times, and could not bring myself to understand how I was stabbed in the back so ruthlessly. However, after analyzing the heartbreaking events that unfolded before me, I had to realize that not everyone was as faithful or loyal as me, and that nothing you tell anyone is one hundred percent safe. Ever since this experience, I have seen a change in me. I have become extremely cautious about who I let into my private life, and I learned what values I need to see in others before I allow them to