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Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps can lead to many career paths. JROTC cadets can go into the military at a higher rank or the program can just help students with leadership for any job. I joined JROTC because my dad is the Commander. Also in the year before I saw many friends go through the first year of the program and learn so much. I have now seen results first hand and through two days realized how much JROTC can help me. I have high standards for everything I do, and JROTC is no exception. I really believe the program will live up to my standards because there are wonderful role models, excellent instructors, and amazing friends. I expect to become more of a leader and be able to work better on a team. JROTC is mainly based on teaching leadership, so with the addition of being surrounded by exceptional people, I think I can achieve my goal of becoming a better leader. Another major part is teamwork. Without teamwork the unit wouldn’t function properly, as is the same in a sport like soccer. We have done platoon sit-ups and platoon push-ups together and just through these small team activities I have seen the importance of teamwork. I have also discovered the importance of not getting kicked in the head through these activities. My expectations are high, but I believe through hard work and dedication I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Expectations are one thing but accomplishments are another story. Accomplishing something can mean that a goal is met or a dream has come true. During ROTC I wish to accomplish improvements on my times for running, becoming a better leader, becoming more physically fit, improving my soccer technique by becoming a better team player, and learning to like dodge ball. These accomplishments are very important to me because they can help me succeed in life. I started running track this year and my fastest mile time was 6:46