Better and Particular Employee Essay

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Q. 2.
1. Manager need to handle the situation very politely and skill full way , managers should do following things-
- Convince your self that it not my fault, it’s the need of the situation.
- strictly Don’t take it ( downsizing decision) personally.
- Don’t think much about the decision.
- think in a way that, whatever decision you have took, that for the betterment of my company and its my job, so it is my responsibility to take decisions in favor of my company.
- think like this – I have applied all fair practices in the procedures, so that employee got the fruit of his/her efforts, its not my fault.
- Suggest or show them ( employees) new any brighter way of their future, if you have any connections in other companies , use those for these employees.

2. Because due to these negative emotions ,
- manager will see that he should be fair with all employees, and he will understand that he should treated all employees equal.
- He will get to learn a lesion that he should be practice and professional not should be a emotional.
- manager will feel the difficulties which are going to come with downsizing of that employees. So that that manager will always take the decisions with full thinking in future.

I will do following things – * I will be fair with that employee. * I will try to improve that particular employee. * I will warn him if he is going to terminated , so that he can get a chance to improve. * I will think professionally and practically which is right to my job. * I will not be taking it personally. And I won’t think on it. * I will always help that particular employees by all means as I can after his/her downsizing.

Q.3. Medical center case-
1. The new system is not 100% objective but they have given the measurement system approach to the question’s answers , and due to that we can measure the answers on the basis of numbers ( 0-3). And with that numbers we can count the results of the test.
2. Documentation of ratings is very important for the calculation of the replies, due to that we can really measure the replies on performances of that particular…