Essay on Better Bomb Sniffing Technology

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Better Bomb-Sniffing Technology

Finally scientists have discovered a break through in bomb detection technology. Before police officers or bomb squads used dogs for sniffing out bombs, but now that technique is about to be revolutionized. This Carbon Nanotube material for sensor is way better than any other as it detects explosives and gases quicker and better than any other technique.

“Utah engineers have developed a new type of carbon Nano-tube material for handheld sensors that will be quicker and better at sniffing out explosives, deadly gases, and illegal drugs.” Zang has found a way to make it smaller. He has found a way to break up bundles of Carbon Nanotubes then deposit a micro amount. This allows a more sensitive detector and will find bombs more accurately in a smaller amount of time. The item can be stored in jackets and clothes. This allows the device to be portable and in reach at all times. It is very hard to see since it is microscopic. The vapors and compounds will be detectable and the device will be able to sense this.
“The new kind of Nano-tubes could lead to flexible solar panels that can be rolled up or even painted on.” It detects bombs in a matter of seconds. When it senses bombs it sends out an electrical impulse. Hopefully it will shut down the bomb and no one would be hurt. Other detectors find bombs in minutes, but this one finds them in seconds. For example a dog could not smell illegal drugs and bombs while there is meat out, and it will mess with the hound’s senses. It is accurate and receives better detection. Dogs would take longer to find a bomb, but not this device it will find any bomb I a matter of seconds.
“Our technology could read to a bomb-detecting chip for a handheld device that can detect the tiny-trace of vapor in the air of the explosives’ small molecules.” Dogs wont have to sniff anymore. This device may substitute dogs. Having dogs on the premises wont be necessary unless they are trying to fid someone and immobilize that person. Dogs will not have to die