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Building a Better Business: Completed Plan University of Phoenix
Building a Better Business: Completed Plan In order to build a better business and to reach a stated mission and goals there must be several things accounted for. From the initial mission statement and vision to internal and external forces, strategic objectives, and strategy and tactics, the methods and steps required to make any business thrive are important and necessary. The Mission In the crowded marketplace of clothing, gifts, Greek and Non-Greek-related products, it is crucial to have a innovative, well thought out plane to maximize company profits, while separating ourselves from competitors. All of our products and services are built on the same foundation: innovative ideas; meticulous attention to client needs; and creative networking from the first inception to the final delivered product. Dee’s Fraternal Wear & Gifts strives: to create and deliver innovative designs, clothing and gifts for all fraternal organizations including, college Greeks, high school organizations, Masonic organizations, and others as well as to be a leading gift resource for all consumers looking to purchase and create custom apparel and gifts for any fraternal need. With this mission statement established companywide all employees have a clear understanding of how to take the business to success and beyond. The mission statement will be included in all new employee manuals, displayed on the company website and included in all initial correspondence to prospective/first time clients. The Vision The vision of Dee’s Fraternal Wear & Gifts is to establish itself in 3 years or less as the predominate retailer of Greek/fraternal organizations and gifts in the Houston and surrounding areas. In 5 years we hope to move into being contractual providers to large Greek letter organizations, supplying these very same organizations with products for local chapters as well as national conventions and gatherings. In 10 years it is the vision of this company to hold more than 50% of the market share and to expand its original facility while creating additional branches in college towns across the country. Ethics and Social Responsibility In respect to ethics the goal of this company is to conduct business fairly with all interested parties to include, suppliers, vendors and consumers alike. The guiding principle for Dee’s is to treat customers with respect, to understand the needs of our clients and to meet those needs and still maintain fairness n all aspects of pricing from production to delivery. Our ethics are not just what we ought to do when no one is looking but what we will do. The ethics of Dee’s will be outlined, defined, and implemented across the board to insure that trustworthiness of the company as well as its employees is unquestionable. The Societal responsibility of the company is one that encompasses many areas. The responsibility of Dee’s is to make the environment and the community in which we operate feel as though the best interest of that community is a partnership. By offering services for community events, supporting community members and other businesses in community growth, and supporting schools and leaders Dee’s will become a part of the community (investopedia 2013). Internal and External Factors In reference to Dee’s the potential issues that may arise from this factor are the use of any chemicals used in the creation of custom products such as t-shirts or apparel. The possibility of violating regulations is a major concern in that respect. Every measure must be taken to insure the business is in compliance thus reducing the impact that this factor may play on financial basis. Other legal factors include regulations for employment, employee safety, and employee rights. Providing a safe work environment, wages, and hiring practices are all external factors controlled by government