Better Fit In Than Be Yourself Essay

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Michael Zhang “Hey! Do you want to go to Downtown with us? You, Jamie, Bob, Ali, and me. We are going to Karaoke for two hours, then we will eat dinner. After that, we can go to the movie. How is it sound like?” Gigi opened my room and popped her head out of the gap of door.
“ sounds good, but I would like to go to the English Bay Beach. Look, today’s weather is so-o-o-o GOOD!” I led Gigi to the window, and pointed her to look outside.
There was no cloud in the sky, and the sun colored the sky into blue. The sun was like a giant bulb that would never run out of power, it provided heat and light to every corner of the world. In the park near my home, I saw a lots of people hang out on the grass. Children were running with the soccer ball, screaming, and laughing. Some hot girl were lying on the deck chair drowsily with their bikinis; without a doubt, it was good time to tan themselves. A few cute dogs were running round excitedly, waiting for their master to throw the red ball. On the path beside the park, people passed quickly with the bikes. They wore colorful clothing and helmets, which attract people’s attention. What a wonderful day!
“Come on, Michael! Do you think it is interesting to sit on the grass? That’s what people do when they are old!” Gigi showed me a poker face.
“You know what, I don’t like the feeling in the Karaoke. I don't want to stay in a dark and shallow room. I could always smell the alcohol and cigarettes, they never disappear from